Upgrading Mycloud to My cloud EX2 (recertified) or EX2 Ultra?

Hi there! I currently have a single 2tb drive Mycloud used as a backup for various things I have in my household (a few MacBooks, phones ect) as well as storing some music and various video editing projects I have done over the years.

Since it is a single drive with no backup and I can’t really risk loosing some of the data stored on there, I’ve opted towards getting either the EX2 or EX2 Ultra.

On the WD site they have the EX2 ultra with 2x2tb drives listed for £239 with student discount which I was initially going to pickup. However noticed they have a refurb of the original EX2 for £149, again with 2x2tb. As far as I can see from the WD support pages the only difference is that the Ultra has 1GB of ram compared to 512mb with an updated dual core processor.

I would like to use PLEX to access some of the video content on the drive and as far as I can tell both of these are capable of that function. Apart from this the drive will mainly just be used for time machine backups and copying over large video files when my laptop gets full.

Would it be better to get the Ultra with its 3 year warranty and 1GB of ram, or save some money and get the recertified drive with 6 months? I’m just unsure if the ultra might be a bit overkill for what I want it for anyway, plus the mycloud unit I have now is recertified and has been working perfectly for 18 months or so I trust that the recertification process isn’t bad.

Thank you!

The single bay/single drive My Cloud models DO have a backup option. For the first gen v4.x its called Safepoint, for the newer gen v2.x its called Backup. This backup option will allow one to backup to a USB external hard drive that one attaches to the back of the My Cloud. It may also allow for backup to other local network locations. See the My Cloud User Manual (http://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) or the My Cloud Dashboard Help for more information on how to use the backup feature of the My Cloud.

Further there are a number of unofficial hacks/scripts/modules one can use on their single bay/single drive My Cloud to backup the My Cloud unit. One can use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right to find the various other discussion topics on backup. Here are just three.