Upgrading MyBook 1T

Hello forum,

I got a MyBook 1T ( mounted with 2 pcs 500gb disks) model no. MDL WD100000D033

Is it possible to upgrade it with 2x1Tb ot 2x2Tb?

Currently running firmware

Kind regards

Jacob Bakker

When you say upgrade you mean opening the enclosure and replace with a 2 TB? 

The model number you posted has 1 extra zero I now see you have a My Book World Edition II (blue rings). You are currently in the my book live section.

To answer your question the maximum capacity of that drive is 2 TB. I don’t think you would be able to make it 3 or 4 since there are no factory models of that size.

Yep i mean opening the enclosure and replaceing two disks with 2T disks.

Still cheaper that buying a new 2 or 4 disk NAS.


Well it is user serviceable as long as they meet the same specs as the previous it shouldn’t be a problem at all.