Upgrading my PR4100 from 4x2TB to 4x4TB


I have the PR4100 with 4x2TB and I just purchased 4x4TB WD RED drives, (WDBMMA0040HNC-NRSN) in order to upgrade my available space. I cannot seem to find any type of walkthrough or step by step guide for the upgrade. I have data on the current drives that I want to migrate over to the new drives. Can I use the auto rebuild and install the drives one at a time. Install new #1 4TB drive > auto rebuild > #2 4TB drive > auto rebuild #3 4TB drive > auto rebuild > #4 4TB drive > auto rebuild?

Can you help?

Thank you in advance.


Yes, you can auto rebuild the drives to upgrade the capacity but it will limits the capacity of new drives into 2TB. It is recommended to take a data on third device and then copy in order to save the remaining storage capacity.


Thank you for your answer.

I think Im understanding your reply. Once all 2TB drives have been replaced with 4TB drives the RAID will still only use/see 2TB per drive?