Upgrading my MBLD

Hello Community!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here so I’m out of the loop with a few things. My MBLD is 6TB with the strock hard drives (2 x 3TB Green Drives). I’m currently running them in spannning mode for a total of 6TB of storage. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that 6TB isn’t enough, so I’m looking to upgrade.

  1. When putting new drives in the MBLD, it seems that both drives must be of the same model #, correct?

  2. What’s the biggest HDD someone has placed in the MBLD? I’m currently thinking about purchasing 2 x 6TB hard drives for a total of 12TB (also going to run these in spanning). I know upgrading the HDD capacity isn’t officially supported by WD, but has anyone pulled this off and if so, what size drives did you put in your MBLD?

  3. What’s the easiest way to transfer the MBLD OS from the old HDD’s to the new HDD’s without losing data? Do I have to install both new drives at once and follow a de-brick guide or can I put one new drive in at a time and x-fer the OS from one drive to the other? 

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there, i have not tried this, but lets see if another user has some information or tips to share on this matter. 


Come on, not one person in this entire community has tried to push their MBLD capacity?

im in the same situation here, just bought 2 6TB red hdd to upgrade and trying to find out what i need to do

You need to format the drive, then build the partitions. Then install the OS.

Use the partitition parameters from your existing sized drive for all the partitions except for teh parttition for your datavolume.

Then use a debrick guide to install the OS

Honestly, I’d return the drives for a refund and purchase a My Cloud EX2, which is exactly what I ended up doing.

From the few online retailers I checked out (amazon, new egg, etc) I was able able to find those 2 6TB red’s for no cheaper than $500 (for both).

I found a 12TB My Cloud EX2 on amazon for $610 and purchased it. So not only did I get my 12TB of space that I wanted for only $100 more than I was going to originally spend, now I also do not have 2 3TB green’s (from my original MBLD) collecting dust somewhere in my house.

With all of that being said, I guess I’ll just now use my MLBD as a backup for the really important stuff in the event that the My Cloud EX2 should happen to fail down the road.

If you however decide to go the route of upgrading the MBLD, you need to follow the debrick guide to get your MBLD up and running with the new drives.


Good luck, which ever route you choose.