Upgrading current C-drive to larger drive

I recieved a WD10EZEX 1.0 TB drive for Christmas.  My current PC, although a bit old, is a Dell Inspirion 530. It has Dual Quad Intel processors, 6 Gig System Ram… yada yada… needless to say I am extremely happy with my PC…however, since I practically live on my PC and am an avid online gamer… I figure my current C drive is due to fail…

Question: Is there an easy way to recreate the current C drive contents onto the new drive so that I can make the new drive

the C drive.  I doubt that I could find all of the source software. Also, much of what is on there came preloaded and has had a bazillion updates.  I am using Vista Home Edition 64 Bit.


Yes, by using WD’s Acronis True Image tool to “clone” the old drive to the new one.

I just did that myself over the Christmas holidays.

I’m new to this idea of “cloning” when I tried to look it up, it said that it would create and image of the disk and was good for backing up data and such.  Was that definition true? or is it a complete functional copy of the original?  Will the clone have the operating system, drivers and software along with any updates?  Essentially, can I use that program to clone my old hard drive and then remove the old hard drive and use the new one as if it were the one I was using all along?

I really hope I’m making sense here.  I feel like I keep running in circles.