Upgrading 4TB Sharespace to 8TB Sharespace


I’m new on this forum so really do apologise if i’m asking repeated questions, I’ve looked around and cant see what i’m after…

I see a few posts here regarding successfull upgrades of their Sharespace drives, but i see a lot of confussion on which drives can be used.

A more recent post proves the WD20EARS drives actually do work, so I’m on the verge of buying up 4 x new drives, however i now see the WD20EARX drive that is reported at speeds much quicker then the WD20EARS.

Can anyone tell me if this drive has been tested and if its working.

I do not wan tto take any risks but as you know if your going to rebuild your unit you do not really want to do it over and over again and waste money on drives that “may” work.

Not really sure why WD cant just be open and publish a list of supported drives for this unit?

In addition has anyone yet heard of Lion being supported yet for apple time machine…?

Any help out there?

I would not do that if I were you, if you want to upgrade your SS then check the type of drives that came inside first. If it came with EADS then upgrade using EADS, if it came with EARS then upgrade using EARS, so far the SS is not coming with EARX because the controller inside the SS is SATA II, not SATA II so it’s a waste.

A Lion update is supposed to come tomorrow for the MyBook World, I don’t know about the SS though.