Upgrades to run on Windows 10?

Just upgraded by OS on a Lenovo laptop to Windows 10 and it’s telling me WD Software is not supported by Windows 10.  I have WD Discovery supporting a MyBook World Edition Model WD10000H1NC.00.  What updates do I need to restore my backup functions with Windows 10 and my MyBook?

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Hello and welcome to the WD community.

What software are you using to backup your computer?

Does Win10 Windows Explorer of your computer see the directories on the World Book drive, or is just that the WD software is not working in Win10? 

I have the same problem.  I am using WD Anywhere, which is the software that came with the device.  I can see and access the drive via Windows Explorer.

The problem is that the WD Anywhere software is not working under Windows 10.

I have upgraded to Windows 10. WD Anywhere Backup is produced by Memeo. Their program Memeo Premium Backup is an upgraded version of WD Anywhere Backup Premium that works on Windows 10, and automatically connects to existing backup plans. If you have the premium version of WD Anywhere Backup your product key is valid for Memeo Premium Backup.

See: http://memeo.com/home-solutions/memeo-premium-backup/