Upgraded to OS 5, but can only connect 1 user to my cloud due to error

I upgraded a My Cloud EX2 Ultra with latest firmware and OS 5. After upgrade, went through configuration (a bit annoying, but okay), however I cannot connect users to my cloud. I go to the Cloud Access section, select a user (that used to work) and click invite, I get: * This user does not have permission to access any network share for cloud access. Enable access and send the invitation again. How do I get around this? There is nothing more I can setup, this is the final piece of the puzzle. Thanks for the help.

@khendia have you contacted WD Support and provided your system logs?
If so, can you send me the case number?

Hey. The incident number is 201103-004910. As for the logs, I didn’t see a place to add them, however it is likely I just missed them. I have made a text file with the logs, but not allowed to upload. However, nothing in the log files shows that is connected to the attempted invitations. I have recently tried setting the logs to “Extended” and attempted inviting a user, still received the same error.

@khendia : can you check if the user that you are trying to add cloud account has either read or read/write access to a share. You can check this under the shares tab.
In the example below, the user test has no access to the shares on the device and thus will not be able to add cloud access for this user.

The user I am working with does have access. Read/Write access. I created another user with the same access and tried with that user and had the same problem.

@khendia something strange because your user icon is a folder.
Here are the steps to collect the system logs. Does your other users also
have a folder instead of the “person” icon? image

I just took a screenshot from a different part of the admin tools. Same thing applies regardless. The user has access.

@khendia Thanks for the system logs.
We confirmed the user has READ/WRITE access to the Share but the user was a member of a Group that DID NOT have Access to any share at all. Allowing Group Access to a share or removing the User from the group allowed Cloud Invitation to process.

The user must a minimum of READ ONLY access to a share and if the User is a member of a Group, the Group must also have a minimum of READ ONLY access to a share that is allowed by the User.