Upgraded to, but version says

I logged into my PR4100 that was previously on version, saw the notification to upgrade to

Upgraded, rebooted, still see that it is on version Manually checked updates, says I am already up to date on

Saw a notification for the USB Backup app, updated that.

Manually rebooted, still see

Is this a visual bug with or a functional bug (i.e. it’s not really upgrading)?


@negated Please refer to the below thread

Thanks but I already know that info, I looked at the release notes before upgrading.

What I am saying is, after you upgrade it is reporting the wrong version AND it doesn’t seem to find an update. So either there is a visual bug that shows the wrong version number or it didn’t upgrade but the upgrade function thinks it did.

I watched it upgrade and reboot.

where can I download the firmware 5.06.115?

I got a notification directly in the NAS UI when I logged in, but there are manual download links at the release notes above.

Upgraded smoothly, no UI bugs but looks like hard disks are waking up and going to standby at a much higher frequency, will watch for the next couple hours to see if it’s temporary.

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I did a 2nd manual upgrade and reboot, and now it reflects version

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How did you manage to update the USB Backup App? I am connected to the NAS administration interface, I see like a download icon right to the USB backup app but nothing happens when I click on it. No download nor instructions to get the file somewhere else to update it.

@gmerello, when you enter the Apps page, do you see the Update app message around the top right corner?

Thanks for your message

I ended up uninstalling the version I had and installing again and ´voila´, the USB Backup seems to be updated now. At least the arrow pointing down to the right of ´USB Backups´ disappeared.

I think problem is solved now.