Upgraded to 1.01.24, now get No content available msg on YouTube

Hi, I am new to this forum. 

I just upgraded my WD TV Live from 1.01.17 to 1.01.24.  Now when I try to view YouTube videos, I get a “No content available” message.  I get this same message by trying any of the icons such as Search, Top favorited, Featured videos, Recent videos, Most popular or Top rated. 

I signed into my YouTube account, so I know my network connection is working.

Do I have to reset to factory default or downgrade to 1.01.17 to get the YouTube functioning again.

Thanks for any help.

Try setting the factory defaults,  and reboot it,   worked for me.

Thanks icedT.  Your suggestion worked.  Just resetting to factory defaults alone didn’t help.  But followed by rebooting (unplugging from the wall) it now plays YouTube videos.

Great news its work ing for you too.