Upgraded from WD TV Live 2nd gen to WD TV Live Streaming.... No moviesheets!


I recently purchased a WD TV Live Streaming as a second media player. I already had a WD TV Live Gen 2 (i think) which had served me well for a number of years. Problem is that I have nearly 2000 moviesheets created using Thumbgen that now do not work on the new player.

Ok I accept that my old player was flashed with b-rads firmware and worked wonderfully but is there any way of getting the moviesheets working again (it stops my kids seeing a M rated movie which we thought it was PG and ends arguments about which was the best movie)

Was having the same issue, in the end, I just turn on the auto get info and hoped for the best.

Or, you can try the new version of Thumbgen, but I’m not sure if this will work.

I am using the latest version of Thumbgen to create all my sheets but I dont want to re-generate them all if I dont have to. The auto feature does not give enough information about the movie so thats why I am keen on getting the movieshets working on the SMP



Thanks for the links however I had already lloked at Mojo. It will have to be my last resort as I did not want to regenerate 2000 odd sheets and then try them on my old WD Live box and find that they work on one and not the other

If you find the an answer, please let me know. Doesn’t seem like the themes for the SMP are grown up enough to let us use our old movie sheets. I’ve been trying. :frowning:



Edit: I’ll add that I don’t know if it will be possible at all since, probably like you, my generated movie sheets contained text data. Moviesheets utilizing SMP themes are just a main picture (with some supporting icons off to the side) but there is nothing on the picture since that where is the SMP displays the data from the XML file. I don’t think you can not show that information.

One LAST thing I’ll offer…because this is something I’m considering.

If you have your .tgmd file that should have been created from thumbgen, you can use that to recreate any moviesheet with the same pics you originally used, so there’s not much you really have to do. It should be mostly automated. I would save the profile you’ve been working under in thumbgen, create a new profile per the thumbgen directions for whatever theme you’re using and use “create from the metadata” to make your new sheets. Just make sure all the options are correct per whatever thumbgen tutorial you’re using. Technically I don’t think you don’t even have to “get rid” of your old sheets. My old sheets are still in my movie folders, each named “about.jpg”, whereas my new ones are named “moviename_sheet.jpg” or something very similar, per the tutorial. Haven’t had a problem yet, as the new xml file doesn’t refer to the old sheet, therefore it doesn’t show in the SMP. Hope that makes sense.


I was / am in the same position. All my moviesheets from my Gen1, which i wanted to use, and now can.

Read this thread, - especially towards the end. :-


Very informative.

Don’t know if I’m comfortable editing .XML files, as I may completely mess something up, but might try what is suggested in the thread.