Upgraded EX4 to 1.04.05 and it has locked up

Hi all,

I bought an EX4 yesterday, installed it today and upgraded to 1.04.05.

The upgrade process appeared to run uneventfully, no interuptions, etc. I now have:

-   a flashing red power LED.

-   flashing drives 1, 2 & 3 LEDs.

-   drive 4’s LED is continuously lit.

-   both gig ports activity LEDs are constantly flashing, switch ports aren’t.

-   the LED display says ‘Rebuilding Vol.1   Time : 9999 mins’

-   I received an update e-mail from my EX4 saying (in part):

          Event title:Rebuilding Volume
          Event description:Rebuilding Volume 1 Time: 166:39:12
          Event code:0210
-   After 2 hrs, I rebooted the EX4, and ended up at the same place.

I can’t believe that is a realistic time to rebuild the volume, there’s less than 1Tb on it!

Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.

Tks, Mark

Hello EmmSea, I recommend you to contact tech support directly for assistance on this.