Upgraded Ex2

Hello from the UK here I have just upgraded my Ex2 and I am having the following issues and have wasted hours and hours

I have the installed os5 app and updated the Ex2 as asked .

Issues since

I always used The NAS drive via the Files app on the iPhone.

This now only has connection to the drive when I am on the local Wi-Fi network, it no longer works on mobile data. I’m struggling to understand this because if I open the native WD orange app it still works on mobile data it’s as if it’s something to do with the Apple files app.

The biggest issue is the WD app does not let you add files only photos and make folders you cannot scan a document !!!

I don’t know if this is a setting I need to change I have tried everything any help to fix this be great


My LGTV natively picked up the drive now it no longer does is there a way around this.


I am unable to install any software that works with this drive is this just me

Hi @Andyjames1985,

Please refer to the following article of My Cloud OS 5: How To Install 3rd Party Apps: