Upgrade TwonkyMedia Server 6.0 on the MyBook World Edition White Light

I wish to upgrade my TwonkyMedia Server in MyBook World Edition White Light to the latest version 6.0.


WD has no update available. I would like to know if there’s any procedure to update only this part of the SW.


Not at this time.  We have to create a firmware revision that would have the Twonky 6.0.  I think it’s already been posted as an idea.  You can check and vote if it has, or your can post it as an idea.


Any news about this?

I believe I cannot use my PS3 with MyBookWorld anymore because of Firmware issues.

It stopped working a week ago out of the blue, It sees the MyBookWorl/TwonkyMedia but not the media inside the Hard Drive

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I have the exact same problem!

My PS3 can see the TM Media Server, but it does not see any files in it!

Can anybody help me solve this?

I see the same. I used to force a rediscover of media servers to get the connection back, then I found the following on another forum.

On the PS3:

Settings -> Network Settings -> Media Server Connection.

Set it to Disable.

Set it to Enable.

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Hi guys,

I’m experiencing a problem with MyBook white light and the PS3. TwokyMedia sees the PS3 as a media receiver but the PS3 cannot find MyBook.

Anyone experience this problem recently ?

Kind Regards

Ivo Costa

I now have a very SIMILIAR problem and I have to say I am a little bit annoyed over this.

Before I done this I had the MyBookWorld 1TB Unit being used in various rooms as a Media Server, with a Rhapsody N36, PS3 and Xbox360 and everyone was happy as they could share the media installed on it…

The I have updated the FIRMWARE to 01.01.16 with MioNet


Now what do I have as a Media Server, I would call it a brick at the moment

The room where I have the Rhapsody N36 can still see all the Folders in Public and therefore is good news

The room where I have the PS3 can now only see the Media Server as a TM Icon and only has access to the FOLDER Labelled as MUSIC in the public section of the Mybookworld. It does not matter if I disconnect the Media Server coneection in settings and reconnect, I can not get access to any of the Movie Media or Pictures that have been copied to it.

The same is happening where I have the XBox360

This therefore means I now have a lot of media that I used to have access to but since Western Digital allowed this Firmware Update to be released I have lost the function for which the unit had been purchased for.

I have searched for a solution but so far it appears that I have a shiny white brick now sat within my house

Any HELP will be most welcome as I would like to get back to the day I can use all the units to read from it

By default (w/o any edits to any of the config files) Twonky will only allow you to view folders in the Public folder.

If your shared folders are not moved here then no DLNA device will see those folders. Try moving your Movies & Photos folder under the Public folder then restarting the Twonky server, clearing the cache and rebuilding the database.

To edit the files check out this post by Silver Knight:



Ever since I set up the MyBookWorld, I have all my Media within the “PUBLIC” Folder to enable access by  myDLNA products and N36 Unit. Only since I done the Upgrade of the FIRMWARE have I had any issue in regards the PS3 & Xbox360 being able to see all the FOLDERS. Its very strange that they can still access the MUSIC Folder but not the MOVIES or PICTURES.

Before Upgrading I had everything able to access the unit but since the upgrade I can only access via the Rhapsody N36 unit which sees my folders within the “PUBLIC” section of the MyBookWorld

Have you verified that the folders are shared out thru the Twonky config in the web UI?

You may need to confirm this as well as make sure you are sharing the correct content type for each share as well.

Hi, I’d like to request a twonky ugrade too please. I have a lot of photos on my hard drive, and since the firmware upgrade my xbox 360 has trouble reading the images, and also displaying the folders out of order.

As an example, I might browse to a folder with 20 images, it very slowly will reveal thumbnails for the images, and will fail to display many of them, leaving an X icon in place.

Have also noticed some folders not being read in my movie folder, that are certainly there.

Please can you upgrade the Twonky medai server in the firmware. The latest fixes correct a lot of issues I currently experience with the Twonky Server

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I second that update to WD Book live. Please.

Hey. WD have uptated My Book Live FW on 02.02.11 but no Twonky update???

I second that!!! Please upgrade Twonky :smileyvery-happy:

HI Peterdeg

Thanks a lot for your tip, It really solved my problem, it was driving me crazy.