Upgrade twonky server for streaming .mkv

Hi All!

I have a WD TV Live Hub and a HDTV at home. My big issue is that my WDTV does not stream .mkv files because of the version of the twonky server (as far as I learned from many sources).

Could you please advice how to solve this?

Should I use GPL firmware to enable telnet somehow and via this way upgrade twonky server?

Or is there any other way to get the .mkv streaming work?

Thanks in advance!


How do you want to stream them and to what?


I add the folder which I want to stream in the twonky server’s settings. That was all I made.

My HDTV is DLNA capable and I can catch every media type stream except .mkv, so .avi, .wmv, etc are working fine.

Did you find any solution for streaming mkv to your TV? I have the same issue.