Upgrade to version 1.07.18 on a Gen 3 WD TV Live failed to start - sat at 0%

I tried firmware update 1.07.18 from the network it failed several times. Gave a message about the download failing.

I downloaded it and put it onto a thumb drive - it started the firmware upgrade and it sat at 0%. I waited for about 30 minutes and it still sat at 0%.

I then decided that since it had not started it would be OK to pull out the power (despite all dire warnings) and restart it. I then had a brick!

A message on the WD said to insert a USB drive containing the firmware - I did that (put the usb key into the front USB port) and the firmware update screen came on - it still sat at 0%. Arrrgh!

I tried several versions of the software and the firmware was not recognised as an ‘upgrade’ so would not start. Read a bit more and it was suggested you put the (new) upgrade files only onto a usb key (formatted to FAT32) and put it into the rear USB slot.

It worked! Oh boy - relief. It’s all good again.

In future if the upgrade from the network fails, just let it go. It’s better to have out of date firmware than a brick with a blue light on it.

A bad experience which I thought I would share - it might help other people in my position.

yeah… next time avoid the hassle and don’t update

I only update when having issues 

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