Upgrade Passport from 1TB to 2TB

I have been using a 1 TB Passport on computer A, and now need a 2TB . I will still use the 1TB on computer B. My question is - do I need to replace the current (up to date) software on Computer A, or will just plugging in the new passport do the job. Steve

Just plugging it in will work … i haven’t had any issues with buying new WD Hard drives and plugging them into my PC running Windows 7 64-Bit.

But, if you’re still on WIndows XP 32-Bit you will have to re-partition / format the drive as the new hard drive will be GPT (GUID Partition Table).

Windows XP 32-Bit only supports MBR (Master Boot Record)

Some people have reported problems with Windows 10 not recognizing external hard drives … but i wouldn’t know anything about that.

Thank you.