Upgrade my MyBook 1TB


I would like to upgrade my 1TB MyBook to a 3TB that I just bought.  Is there a compatibility issue, such as the maximum capacity this case will support ( WDH1CS10000N).

The MyBook unit is in the last three months of warranty, I don’t mind opening.

Many thanks in advance

If it’s a drive with Smartware it may not work. There is a circuit board that has the USB port on it. It has firmware on it and may not work with a different size. On top of that the board provides hardware encryption and any data on old drive will be uneless if connected as an internal.


I have a Hp pc that will not let me run the software update.You said that one of the ports is encrypted and will not let you run update.,What is my option?

All the drives that use Smartware are hardware encrypted. If this is a firmware update I wouldn’t do it unless I had problems. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If the update goes wrong you can use your drive for a paper wieght.