Upgrade my Cloud To OS 5

Hi everyone!
I would like to know why OS 5 version is not available for 4.05.00 devices ?

from the WD team, is this the solution?

Official reason: It’s beyond (actually well beyond) the end-of-life for that product. Can’t get parts. . .they stopped really supporting the software long ago. Think of it as a Win98 machine in 2021. . . .it can’t be upgraded to Win11; and Microsoft no longer will produce security patches.

Real reason: Bottom line is that these devices are SLOW. (fine for 2015 when on the store shelf, but not good for 2021). At the heart of OS/5 are online services; for which the device has to “index” the drive contents. The 1st Generation devices (the ones running FW 04.xx.xx-xx) cannot handle that task. Not even close.

Frankly, the 2nd generation devices single drive myclouds and the MyCloud mirrors don’t do too good either. Many people had the 2nd Gen single drive myclouds become “bricked” through the indexing process.

Honestly, you are not missing anything. OS/5 is . . .not the best; and I do not recommend devices running that software. (OS/3 isn’t viable in 2021 anymore either)