Upgrade my book studio II to firmware revision V1.015 error while loading generic library

Hi, I saw a similar post to this and I am having a similar problem but with a My Book Studio Edition II.  I am running Windows 7 64bit Pro.

I formatted using the WD Drive manager and switched to RAID 1.  It says that it is healthy, etc…

If I connect to eSATA I have major problems that include my machine not booting and I have experience crashes also.  THe drive constantly tries to go to sleep but cannot so the drive is always making noise when attached via eSATA.  After months of issues I have given up on eSATA and now connect with USB.  The functionality is better but still have problems.  I cannot wake my machine after going into hibernation.  It just hangs on the boot screen.  I have to do a hard reset on both my laptop and the MyBook.

I figured I would try to upgrade the firmware but with now success.  Here is the download:

I disabled my antivirus and firewall and followed all of the instructions from this webpage:


I did not uninstall WD Drive Manager as the instructions did not tell me to do this.

Your help is greatly appreciated.  Dan

  • File Name: WD_MB_Studio_II_1015_1_03.zip
  • File Size: 1.17 MB
  • Version: 1.015
  • Publish Date: 7/30/2009


I had the same problem (cound not upgrade on windows 7 64 bit). The solution is to use Windows XP Mode and do upgrade from there.