Upgrade My Book Live to My Cloud

 Did anyone tried to upgrade My Book Live devices to My Cloud firmware?

I’ve read a lot about debrick MBL devices and I was thinking in the possibility to do a upgrade to My Cloud. I know that isn’t supported by WD, but would be awesome see MBL devices running My Cloud system.

Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

I have not tried this since the two units are different, lets see if another user can help you out with some tips and information on this matter. 

Seems to me this is entirely dependent on WD providing the upgrade path.

Ideally, in the MBL admin settings, the “Check For Update” would find the upgrade and offer a choice to make the upgrade to My Cloud.

This is particularly of interest to me, now that BitTorrent Sync is available for some NAS devices, including WD My Cloud.