Upgrade G-SPEED Studio R HDDs?

Hi. I have a G-SPEED Studio R 12TB which is currently configured as 9TB RAID 5. The drives are nearly full and I would like to upgrade the storage. A few questions:

  • Do you have instructions for doing so?
  • I would like to preserve the data on the unit without having to offload it. Is this possible?
  • Since the unit is sold with up to 24GB configuration, does this mean I can replace the existing drives with 6TB HDDs?
  • Do you recommend specific replacement drives?


  • Not directly instructions but the process is the same as creating a RAID so we have instructions for that
  • No, you’ll have to move it off first
  • You have no limit as to the capacity you can go. The unit will even support 4x 12TB drives if you wanted to.
  • Anything that is HGST Ultrastar and WD Gold.