Upgrade from 2TB to 4TB? And factory reset

Hi all,

I’m new on the forum and to this product.  I’ve read a lot of useful info on this forum but decided to buy a My Cloud regardless.  ;)

Question - understanding it would void the warranty, could I upgrade my 2TB My Cloud to 4TB simply by swapping in a 4TB WD Red drive?  

Second - I read on here that if I really wanted the new firmware, I should install it before transferring any information to the My Cloud and then perform a Full Factory Restore.  I initiated the Full Factory Restore and I understand it can take about 12 hours (or more).  Question is does my computer need to stay on for this whole time or does the My Cloud just take care of things (ie, as long as the My Cloud stays on and connected to the internet, there shouldn’t be any problems)?

Thanks in advance.

You cannot easily change the drive of this NAS. You will find disk images on this forum that you can use to create a new disk image, but you will have to be familiar with gpart and Linux tools to prepare the disk outside of the NAS enclosure. The partition systems on this NAS are relatively straightforward, but this whole operation requires advanced computer skills.

Although some users seem to have been lucky with V4.0 and a full restore, that didn’t work at all for me. Your mileage will vary. 

If I were you, I would stick with V3.0

Also read about the FULL restore with v4, is it necassary to do the FULL restore and will the Quick suffice.

Copying to my 4TB im getting speeds of 20MB/s up to 50MB/s over gigabit lan.

Depending on file sizes that speed may be very reasonable, that is about 180-450Mbps transfer rate.

if you were transfering gigabyte sized files I would expect a little more, if you are transfering 1K sized files I would expect less

the best I have seen on mixed files was about 700Mbps, but only briefly

Folow the instructions here. http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/HDD-Replacement-Single-Drive/td-p/786203 I took off my 4tb disk and inserted a 500gb (just for torrent downloading) and it worked like a charm. Of course, it’ll work with a 4tb disk


If you do the full factory restore. rather than the Quick Restore, count on 30 hours… not 12.