Upgrade firmware of WD TV to allow network connection

Is there anywau to upgrade tjhe firmware of WD TV to allow network connection?  I mistakenly purchased a used  WD TV thinking i can connect to a network.  I have a USB wifi adaptor that i want to use to connect wirelessly to my PC.

You can’t do it with stock firmware from WD.

Depending on exactly which adaptor you have, you might be able to network it using the third-party WDLXTV firmware from b-rad.

Many people have networked Gen1’s and Gen2’s.  But, if I recall, the list of supported adaptors is even more limited than the list of what the Live/Live Plus/Live Hub will support.

I don’t have a list of which USB adaptors are supported… you’d have to get that from the WDLXTV folks at their websites.

Thanks.  I am a newbie at this.  Is stock firmware from WD’s website?  Just download to a uas drive and plug into the unit?

I downloaded the latest wd live firmware, but the folder does not come up on the wd tv hd where i can select the firmware to upgrade.  Any ideas?

What model number is your device? What firmware is currently running on it?