Upgrade 2.06.10 firmware has broken sharing

Hi All

I did the upgrade last week and since I did  I am unable able to stream some data, everything works fine from the actual WDTVLiveHub. I have 4 directories on the root directory on the WDTVLiveHub equalling about 700GB. Since I did the firmware upgrade only two of the directories are visible on my Windows 7 laptop, Sony and Samsung DLNA compatible TV’s. I have tried reverting to the previous firmware, factory resetting the device and I’ve even tried deleting all the data and copied it back on.

Not sure if this is a red herring, but I copied one of the directories which weren’t streaming back onto the drive and tested and everything worked, then copied the 2 and 3rd (which worked before anyway), all worked. I then did the last directory which is just music I was back to square one and could only see the 2 and 3 directories I’d copied which are just movies.

I’m very frustrated, has anyone got any pointers that might help?

Thank you, Daniel

Hi there, what if you try to roll back to an even older version than the one you tried? If not, replace it.

Thanks for the reply.

Did Twonky get upgraded as part of the last firmware upgrade?

Check the release notes.

I have exactly the same problem, which started straight after the up grade to 2.06.10 last night. Totally frustrating.