Updating the shared list

When I access the list of shared folders, there is a drive listed that does not exist on my computer. This may have appeared initially when I attached a stick to the PC, but not sure. Is there any way to force the WD to update the shared folders to remove this non existant drive? I thought folder updating was happening in real time, but maybe not. All the other shared folders are correct and the file contents change as I add and delete files, so it is not a network issue. Films are streaming no problem from the other shared folders that do exist.

My other problem which may be related, is that when I connect an external HDD to the PC via eSATA cable, the WD does not see it even though it is a shared drive.

Reset your WD TV, forcing the device to re-scan again.

I have reset the WD and all drives are now as they should be. Does this mean every time I add or remove a drive within the network that I will have to carry out a reset or was this a one off glitch? It’s a pain having to adjust all the settings again.