Updating the media library

I notice there’s now an option to tell the SMP when to update the media library.  Every hour, every day, every week, something like that.

One of the options is something like ‘Only update when in standby’.

I’m unsure which to select.  If you opt for that last one, does it update when you turn it off?  In other words, if I add a new rip, should I turn the SMP on and then off?

I’d like the player to update as often as possible, only not when I’m using it.

Any information on this new function gladly received.

Steve W

If you put it in STANDBY, it will update over time.

I just prefer to use the MANUAL  Rescan option any time I change the library.

How do you do that?  Just turn the library off then on again?

I don’t remember seeing a ‘rescan’ function (though I often miss/forget things).

Steve W

Yes, there is a RESCAN function when you hit OPTIONs while focused on a FOLDER or SERVER.

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Ah, never knew that.

I’ll give it a go.

Steve W

It looks to me like the rescan settings only apply to network media.  It only appears under Setup -> System -> Media Library -> Media Library Manager for Network Share.  Can anyone tell me if that’s correct?

If so, for attached USB drives is there a way to have the Media Library enabled (for dashboard etc) but also prevent the player from rescanning the drives on boot up after a shutdown?  Mine takes several minutes to detect the drive is attached because it’s scanning through the files when you turn it on which is a real pain.  If you turn the library off, then on again then it only takes about 20 seconds.


I made a similar request for the exact same reason.

AFAIK there is no way to have the dashboard enabled independently of the media library.

See this thread.

I want the  dashboard function,but not  too bothered about the media libray +eye  candy for moviesheets/thumbnails.ertc

…The new FW comes close to what  I was suggesting.


Ya’ll need to understand that 100% of the dashboard *IS* the Media Library.

The FAVORITES / Resently Viewed / Recently added…  those are all database elements within the media library.

You do *NOT* have to use the Media Library to use Thumbnails / Moviesheets / Metadata / etc.

Don’t confuse yourselves.  :)

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Thanks Tony,I understand the distinction you’re making.

I  would have liked the dashboard functionality independent of the MediaLibrary.This is now a forlorn wish as you have made clear,I wasn’t dashboard data was pulled from the media library database.

There are two  opposing requirements here

  1. We like the Media Library because we can have the  Dashboard

  2. we don’t like the  Media Library because of the time-to-rescan/get content info on power-on.  There is no FW setting

    to avoid this.

(when I say we I mean   forum posters who require the same behaviour…)

Speaking only for myself,I dont care for  the  eye-candy,however it is generated…that’s a non-issue for me.

Does it really take that long to rescan your library?   Mine takes less than 5 minutes to scan thru 1300+ videos…

*EXTREMELY* fast compared to how long the Hub used to take.   The Hub is now much faster, too.

One doesn’t have to wait until the lib is completed before using the box, either…  It just needs to be able to “load” the media library “headers” (for lack of a better word), and the rest carries on normally.  That takes less than 30 seconds on my box.

Sure, if 30 seconds is an issue, then I understand your point.  :)

For some reason, my setup  is taking a long-time to scan my media on  a local ITB Iomega attatched USB drive.

I’m in the process of copying data from a homeserver to this local disk. Right now I have ~ 3k MP3 files,5K JPG files

and ~200 Video (assorted MKV,AVI,etc…)

This is taking 5-10 mins already everytime I power-cycle and I dont have everything on that disk yet.

In principle,I don’t mind waiting but this seems disproportionate to the amount of data I’ve got on that disk at the moment.

Maybe i’s the disk I have.

Hi Tony,

I understand your points but mine seems to take several minutes before it will register that I can use the dashboard because it thinks the USB HDD isn’t connected.  It’s definately longer than 30 seconds and no, 30 seconds wouldn’t be an issue.

After a bit more investigation last night I’m now happy just to put my SMP into standby (press the power button, not hold it) when I’m finished for the current session of viewing/listening.  I’ve got a Smart Meter on my house and can see that when I put the SMP into standby it uses a negligible amount of power and spins down my HDD - I don’t eject the HDD manually either otherwise when the SMP comes out of standby it doesn’t spin it back up again.

When I next turn it on the HDD spins up and the SMP boots quickly and does not rescan.  For me, this is totally acceptable.