Updating the Media Information realtime on WD TV Live Hub

Hey Guys,

I have connected my WD TV Live Hub on the home network and share my music, video files on the same.

However after I have copied my files on to the Live Hub and make some tag changes to the file, eg. change genre, album name, the same does not get updated on the Live Hub. 

Do I always need to go to settings and Media Library info and then set it again? or is there any other way?


If you have changed the XML data you need to clear the media library so it gets re-imported.

Hey Tony,

Thanks for your input. And I am making changes to the  mp3 tags via MP3tag software.

Can we put this ahead to WDC to have something on this. I was wondering it would be fine as I do not have so much data on the hub, but once the data size increases will the compilation not take time.

I dont know, probably i am new to this so jus asked.




The initial compile of the media library does take substantially longer than the “rescans.”

Here’s how it appears to work.

If you do a RESCAN  (either through the OPTION menu, or by a FULL REBOOT), it’s just looking for NEW MEDIA.

If there are NEW MEDIA, it will then try to GET CONTENT info on that new media, or import the existing tags or XML.

If you’ve CHANGED the XML or tags for EXISTING media, that does not get updated.

Of course, if you CLEAR the media library, then it thinks that EVERYTHING is new, so it goes through the whole import procedure.

For my system, a FULL CLEAR takes about 2-3 hours to re-build.   

A RESCAN takes about 5- minutes or so.

Hey Tony,

Thanks for your help on this. This was informative.