Updating older WD Box (the one without wifi) to get Netflix

Hello All,

I’ve got a quick question with regards to an older WD box - this is the one that was released around mid to late 2010 in Canada.  (I don’t have the model # on me)

It doesn’t have wifi built in (which is why I’m using a wifi USB stick to access YouTube, etc).

This particular box doesn’t have Netflix built in.

Is there any way to actually get Netflix on this box or must I spend another $100 and buy a newer box?:mansad:

Perhaps there’s an update that I’m unaware of or a simple fix to get Netflix onto the box?

All suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.



Sorry, but there is no way to add Netflix to your box. The WD Live Plus is the model that is similar to yours but has Netflix. The chipset in your device does not have DRM capabilities, so there is no way for WD to add Netflix to it.

thanks for sharing that heart-breaking news! :flushed: