Updating My Book

Just about wits end. Trying to update MyBook. Every time I do. Seems like it wants to control my computer. I have to end up shutting down my computer to make it stop. I can’t find the info that came with it so I’m not sure on vin # or model #. Got it last Christmas. Took me 6 or 7 months to hook it up.  Called support… That’s a joke… Dialed #f for English, it still asked me to press 1 for English… When someone answered… I still couldn’t understand him. I think he just told me not to worry about updating what ever needs to be updated. So I saw the WD Community. I hope someone will be able to help me out. Thank You

By chance is there a Facebook page for WD?

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Question 1- Why do you need to update the drive? is nto working fine? 

Question 2- The model number is located in a sticker located at the drive botom side.

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If the drive and software is working don’t bother with the update. If it ain’t broke don’t fix if.



Yes, it is working fine. But with everything I have it to where it tells me when an update is available. When you are at the home screen , to right  where it says WD online, at the bottom it says:

WD SmartWare 

Version then under this a button the reads

Update Software

If it’s just there because it’s there fine. I don’t make mysef out to know computer technology. The book is connected to my desktop, which I hardly get on, but it has ALL of my pictures on it. Why my Husband bought it for me. He I would be crushed if my computer crashed and  I lost them. Thank you for the tip on the info. It is now written down.

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One important thing is never trust important data to just one drive. You need at least 2 copies to be safe.


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