Updating Firmware

Just got the WD TV Live HD Media Player and I was wondering about the firmware. Does the lateset firmware contain all of the features of all of the previous firmwares or do I have to upgrade from the oldest and then keeping on flashing each new firmware till I get to the most recent? 

Also I’ve read from a couple other threads that this does not support DTS MA-HD but it does do TrueHD, just wanted to confirm that this is true because I have a Onkyo receiver that is capable of both and I read that now 7.1 pass through was allowed but a lot of people are saying that they cannot get it so just wanted to make sure? 

Sorry for such a noob question 


One upgrade will do everything. Amplifiers are trial and error; what works on your amplifier may not work on another. If it does not work just do a flash downgrade. The downgrade instructions are on the forum.