Updating firmware on My Book Live

I have a my book live installed on my network. I was playing around with it, and installed feature package manager on to it. I am now trying to get rid of this and the only way seems to be to update the firmware. The mybook is however already updated to the latest firmware version. Is there any way to manually reset the firm and re-install the same version again to wipe out the feature package manager ? The UI just keeps telling me that the firmware is up to date and doesnt have any other options.

In featurepackmanager interface, you have the option of uninstalling each and all of the featurespacks you have installed.  Once you have them all uninstalled, then there in nothing left on your MBL of featurepackmanager except for a small login webpage, which you can leave as it uses no resources.

why do you want to uninstall featurespackmanager?  the features packs are extremely usefull. 

If you reall want to re-install the latest firmware, read through some of the debrick guides on this forum. One of them shows how to trick the MBL into thinking it has old firmware, so that you can re-install the latest.

This link


Thanks for your reply - that is very helpful to know.

The original reason I installed feature packa manager was to see if I can download stuff straight onto the harddrive from a native program rather than directing my downloads over the network. Downloading dinaries from usenet for instance takes ages when the programs on my mac try to remotely un-rar the content, and a 1GB file can take 10mins or more to unrar over the network which on the mac itself happens well within 30sec.

I wanted to see if I can install a binary file downloader straight onto the mybook live using feature packs manager. The reason I want to un-install is I realized when I ssh into the mybook live now that it shows 95% memory usage and I was suspecting this might have something to do with the feature pack manager.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 21.22.34.png

This is the result of the following command :

ps -e -o pid,vsz,comm= | sort -n -k 2

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 21.23.00.png

It shows up apache2 everywhere so I started to suspect the feature manager was the one eating up the memory. Or is it normal to have such high memory usage?

The memory usage you see is abnormal.  Featurespackmanager uses a tiny amount of memory. What featurespacks didn you install besides the FPManager? 

I have FPManager, ownCloud, Webmin, Twonky 8,02, Transmission, OpenVPN, and a host of other programs runing. My memory usage is minimal. 

It seems like you have MioNet running. That is someting you should disable. It **bleep** memory. Perhaps it is causing all the webserver instances.

I only ever installed transmission, and I have already uninstalled it. I dont know what mionet is and how to disable it. How do I do this?

I suspect that you have a lot of WD software running which is causing the overhead. Go into the MBL Dashboard and look for services you can turn off - like iTunes server, wd2go, etc.  Turn as much off as possible. Then reboot. Then in featurespackmanager go to My_Book Infos->Performance.  It will tell you if the processor is being overloaded.

there is a guide somewhere (this forum or the wikiforum) that details how to install sickbeard and couchbpotato, so you can DL to teh MBL from Usenets. As for unrar, the MBL does it, but it is slower than a PC will be because the MBL has a much smaller processor.  To do an unrar on teh MBL, you have to do it from teh command line in Putty or Terminal since there isn’t any GUI that I know of.  But it sounds like you are using yoru Mac to unrar files located on teh MBL.  That’s probably the worst way since all the files have to be transfered from the MBL to Mac, unrared, then sent back again.  Eiither use the command line on the MBL, or have the files on your Mac and do unrar there.

One of the greatest features of the MBL is the abilitity to have it do tasks for you while your PC is off. Things like DLing content, media server, etc.  I’ve found that the one thing which overloads the processor consistantly is having too many torrents with too many peers with too much bandwidth.  Though that limit is still very high, and thankfully you can edit the Transmission settings to restrict these things.

TL/DR; FeaturesPackManager is not the source of your problems.

I did the update, and now when I acces from son’s Ps3 there is only twonky but no folders… also when I acces through Samsung Multiroom for music playing there is only Twonky and no folders…

Accessing from pc is okay, accesing from WD tv Live is okay, accesing via xbmc is okay

I have search high and low for a way to scroll back the firm ware but it keep saying  " 31101 - Invalid firmware package."

I really need to play my music and my children really need to see there movies…

any help please… : O )

thanks in advance

Jim Denmark