Updated to 3.00.28 and not it will not compile library correctly

Updated to 3.00.28 and now what is happening the hub will compile the library and when I shut down the unit, it appears the unit is going into a COMPLETE SHUT down as the hub disappears from the network, and when I turn back on the hub, the unit will go through the full loading process of with the two WD screens, and then it will start to complie the library again!..

I did the following

-          Went back to 2.08.13 and the same thing

-          Delete the library file, and rebuilt same thing

-          Reset the unit to factory setting and the same thing


Your subject and the content are two totally different things.

It sounds like your library IS compiling correctly, so I don’t know what you mean in the subject.

So, exactly what steps are you using to shut the box off?   Just a quick tap of the remote power button?