Updated to 1.02.06 patch and now Twonky doesn't show any files

I updated my MBWE II last night to firmware version 1.02.06 hoping that it would help resolve the lock up issues I have been encountering and now twonky is not listing any files.

I’ve gone into the Twonky Media server and told it to rescan content directories as well as rebuild the database and it continues to tell me there are 0 music tracks or video files.

Prior to the update I was able to access both video and audio files from my XBox 360, however now when I select the device on my XBox it tells me there are no files found.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on trying to troubleshoot this?  I’ve managed to connect to my MBWE over SSH using putty, but I haven’t been able to find any useful log files that provide any details on if any errors are occuring.  I’m not familiar with the organization of the file system on the MBWE so if anyone can point me to some files to look at I would appreciate it.

Hi there, try to contact the user TonyPh12345, he might be able to bring you some light in here…