Updated Smartware & Firmware - Everything became "Additional Files"

I knew I shouldn’t have updated.  But I thought - hoped - that Smartware would actually be improved.  Instead, my 85 GB backup became “additional files” such that Smartware was convinced that the computer had never been backed up before.  In each of the specific categories, it saw nothing as having been backed up.  Just prior to updating, everything was categorized fine.

I’ve since formatted, which will require me to re-backup 2 separate computers now, and I notice that while it is SLOWLY filling up the various folders, it is also filling up another “additional files” folder at a much faster rate. At this point, 95% of what it has backed up is in the additional file folder.  I fear that when finished, I will have the same problem as before.

If not - what are the “Additional Files” anyhow?

This is on XP MCE, with Smartware Version on a 1TB My Book Elite.

Please respond WD - right now it appears to me that WD has ruined the functionality of an already poorly functioning drive. 

Normally, the additional files are files that do not fall into any specific category. In my time using Smartware, I have find out that this apply for file extensions that can be used by multiple programs, example, Exel, and some Quick Book file extension.