Updated: Re: Recovery to RAID

Remaining questions plz:  1st, will it be a problem to recover (partially) in a case where my 5 mo old WD My Book backups (the original and about 20 incremental back-up files) were noted as failed, apparently just  incomplete, skipping? certain thumbnails and perhaps all my RAW photo files.  Other than that , the backup files appear to have the both the data files (and systems/ programs 'tho I don’t need to restore the system software on this PC because it is on a separate SSD.)  The back up files seem to carry all the file structure and data  - all under my admin user id.  (no passwords) 

2nd, I have the option of changing the drive config to be mirrored (RAID 1) in any settings to receive the hoped for reload, is this correct? Any support or help is much appreciated. PS. Re: RAID array recovery questions in my first post, the answer of course is that Drive n all look the same.) 

dude , what is the question on the first one

second raid rebuild ( if that is what you mean) will destroy all data

to recover from a degraded raid you will need to replace the failed drive…

don’t know if it’s a language barrier but I did not understand your post that much 

you mean right now your mybook duo is setup as raid 0? and explain skipping? like clicking  you mean?