[UPDATED QUESTION] No Bootable Device: Disk in BIOS, not in DISKPART


My searches indicate that firmware updates are handled via the WD Dashboard. Since I cannot access the drive to install the Dashboard, are there stand-alone firmware update files that I could download to another machine and then install via cmd prompt?


In my 1-year-old Acer Aspire, I have a WD SN520 SSD. Desiring to reinstall Win10 on a clean disk, I selected the disk in DISKPART and ran “CLEAN.” After doing so, the disk is still listed in the BIOS but no longer listed in DISKPART. Win10 install does not “see” the disk.

Based on my searches, I understand that SSDs have preinstalled drivers/firmware that are necessary for them to be utilized, i.e., they are NOT plug-and-play like an SATA HDD. If that is the case, I am thinking that the DISKPART “CLEAN” did just that: entirely cleaned/wiped the drive of everything including the firmware.

If this scenario is true, is there someway, to reinstall the necessary firmware/drivers, perhaps via a cmd prompt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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