Updated My Book (WDBAAG0020HCH-01) now I cant find my hard drive avywhere on my mac


I did this update today to get rid of that stupid Install icon that stayed on my desktop.I did it from this website:


Now I cant find the harddrive at all.

heres what I have

Imac Snow Leopard

My Book (WDBAAG0020HCH-01)

   Please help, im a photographer and need these pix.

Hello, check if the link below helps.


THanks Alucardx23, This is what I already did however my main problem still exist, my hard drive is nowhere to be found on my computer.

I have this same exact problem. It’s working good, I did a firmware update and POOF it be gone. PLEASE, if someone could solve this I would be incredibly happy.

EDIT: We actually did the update from the same site


If you have a Windows computer try to update the firmware there

some users have been able to fix it like that

if no go will need to replace