Updated firmware to v4.0 now dashboard is unresponsive

since autoupdating to v4.0 the dashboard is extremely slow, also file copying to the nas has dropped from 8 mb/s to 512kb/s, no changes to device other than update were made

After reading through the forums, tried enabling the 4 automatic services in windows and forwarding ports on router, no effect.  SSH’d into the machine and discoveredIt was the issue with the DLNA - After teh firmware reboot, daapd, (itunes) twonky and wdmcserver were eating up all the cpu, stopped wdmcserver and immediately saw the transfer rate go back from 512kb/s to 8mb/s.

…now ive setup a raspberry pi with xmbc, so just going to disable the whole DLNA and itunes server options in the webui (when it finally loads) in order to stop it permanently and rejoice back in my 8mb/s write speeds.