Updated Firmware, Now Video Names are Messed Up

I upgraded to the latest firmware version for MyCloud 3TB. Now, my DNLA enabled TV reports videos by different names (more like source of file and not title).  The names were fine before the update.

I have seen similar issues before and have always been able to rebuild the database and solve the problem.  However, this time I get an error “Last operation timed out…(200001)” and then “get_media_server_database_undefined.”

Any ideas?

Hi  Stealth57,

I have passed this along to support.


Thanks. I finally got the database to rebuild but the problem persists. So, I tried to use the “properties” function on my PC to change the information or delete it on the affected files, but the MyCloud drive will not accept any changes to the properties. In fact, my PC says the action is not responding and I have to go into task manager and kill Windows Explorer.

Again, this is something that I have done many times in the past and only have had issues since the firmware update.

Deleted the file from MyCloud, changed properties on my PC copy, and then copied the corrected version back to MyCloud. Now the file doesn’t even show up on my TV and when I try to rebuild the database, I get a new error message “Media server database internal server error. (400162).”

Tech support called and was able to see the error messages.  He turned the media server on and off and the error messages continued for a short time but then the server did eventually accept a rescan of the database, which fixed the naming issues.