Updated firmware but cannot complete set up?


Received my WD MY Book Live today and started setting it up.  After connecting to the hard drive a message came up advising the firmware needed updating and would I like to go to the dashboard to do so?

Clicked yes but the page would not load!

Bit of searching and I managed to manually get into the dashboard and it automatically asked me if I wanted to update the firmware so I clicked yes!  Firmware updated, all is good…or so I thought.

Now when I try to complete the setup I still keep getting the firmware update message.  If I click ‘yes’, the page doesn’t load, if I click ‘no’ then it won’t let me complete the set up.

I thought this was supposed to be an easy process :frowning:

Any advise greatfully recieved :slight_smile:

Nevermind.  Cancelled setup and restarted and all is well :wink: