Updated firmware - Backup doesn't complete

Just updated firmware on DL4100 to Ver 2.31.163. When I go into WD Smartware and start “Backup Now”, I never get a completed notice at the top of the Backup tab. The bar is still showing activity, however the text next to it says “2.53 TB of 2.53 TB copied” which would indicate that the backup is complete, but not sure. I used to get a message that backup is complete. The same thing happens on another external drive that is backed up as well. Using Windows 10 desktop with lots of storage and memory.

Hi Joneskcj,

It seems that you are backing up your data via Continuous Backup process which allows the software to continuously perform the task designated by the backup plan and it shows the amount of backed up data which is completed.

Yes, thank you. That seems to be the issue. When I installed the latest change, it defaulted to category backup instead of file backup. Changed back to file backup and all is well.