UPDATED 29TH APRIL - 2 theme / frontends

This is just a remake as requested by josh_k.

please note this again is for firmware version 2.07.17. if any of you guys have tested this on other firmwares and they work without problems, please let me know, so that other users may benefit. thanks

download revision 2  http://www.mediafire.com/?dawoieanaboak99


Ok here are 2 frontends, both are for firmware 2.07.17

The first is a reconstructed front from  http://www.mede8erforum.com/index.php , so credit goes to the author.


download  http://www.mediafire.com/?xateunitaajopa8

The second a mix from the link above, a little of me. and also credit to joey for navigation buttons.


download  http://www.mediafire.com/?9le7hz22n02caag

Nice, thanks for sharing.

Hi Mannymiller.

Can you please change the second fronted theme (the one you said has Joey buttons), can you change the topic of each menu to:

Settings: Ajustes 

Photos: Fotos

Music: Musica

Movies: Peliculas

Services: Servicios

Games: Juegos

Files: Archivos 


No  problem. got a few bits on at the moment. have a few other frontends done which i havent had time to post,  and also in the process of putting together a full theme. so give me a little time and it will be done.

Thanks Manny I´ll wait.

I am glad you are not longer using the “man frontend” term because it was dirty but funny :slight_smile:

i think in one of your other threads you did a good job with the design with selective backgrounds, with a few tweaks here and there for improved reading this would be the one I like. The others are seem kinda of stock image-ish to me even when they are way more complicated to do and require a lot more skills. The simple idea is providing you with the most freedom to make an actual theme instead of going with those generic carbon or metal backdrops. I think it would go really well and would be a totally different approach as all themes including my own tend to be darker.

thanks DeVicious

Most of the theme / frontends have been pretty basic. me getting used to photoshop again. and also testing ideas. you know what its like. you get an idea of colours and style. but once youve thrown it all together its not quite what you thought it would look like. i keep getting the ideas, but havent been happy with the final look.

To try and get a looK that someone hasnt done before is pretty hard going. The lighter versions i have done, ive had comments about plasma`s not liking them. so it seems the darker is the best way to go. i have finally settled on one colour / style and have a full theme in progress. but my free time is alot less but its getting there…

As for the Man frontend… lol… whooops i didnt even see it that way. " man " being short for manny… and frontend… well yeah… :slight_smile:

Yeeeeess… Thanks Mannymiller, now we have a menu in Spanish too… Thank you so much.!