Update: WD2Go.com (MyCloud.com) Back Online!

For those wondering if  they will be able to remotely mount their drives like they could under the old WD2Go.com site. Here is the answer posted to another thread by a moderator.

“It is no longer possible to map folders through mycloud.com.  That was only capable with WebDav.  We no longer are using WebDav, we’re using Webfiles on mycloud.com.  We found too many limitations using WebDav.”

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 We found too many limitations using WebDav

Users (customers) might consider the inability to map drives remotely to be a considerable ‘limitation’…


Well, Well, Well…so I decide to do the upgrade to version that was release yesterday and guess what …it looks like its working.  I had nothing to loose, just time and if did not work I would downgrade since I already know how to do that.  

The only thing that I did different was that I downloaded the upgrade file to my local computer and I did a manual update.

The dashboard is working, I can upload files with no permission issues, and I was able to log in to the new site AND its synchronizing.  One more test when I get to work tomorrow, to see if I have access to my cloud from the outside world.

Will continue to test and the unit and will report if I have any more issues.

try clicking the highlighted phrase in blue " Accept your personal cloud certifficate " or something to that effect , it will lead you to another page which will have the word "except risk " at the bottom after that jus tgo back to the login page and refresh and ot should work . i had the same issue and thisworked for me !!!

Is the " Accept your personal cloud certifficate " displayed following a successful login?  Logging in to what?  The MyCloud hardware web server, the Wd MyCloud online web page?

cpt_paranoia wrote:


Users (customers) might consider the inability to map drives remotely to be a considerable ‘limitation’…

Yes that is a wee bit of a ‘limitation’. Being able to remotely map was a major plus for some as we see. Now people are left scrambling trying to find a workaround to this “enhancement” to the WD2Go.com site to regain some form of remote drive mapping.


I agree. Not being able to map drives remotely seems like a huge limitation to me. I imaging remotely mapping a drive is a feature that many people have come to depend on.  The new WD Sync software alone isn’t a good alternative because it requires installing software which isn’t always an option. I am really disappointed.

There must be some way to get this working again. It would be especially nice if it didn’t rely on the MyCloud.c​om website at all.  It would be great if there was an option to enable secure WebDAV over https via the dashboard as well as DDNS support.  From the manual it looks like the My Cloud Mirror supports something similar to this (the only thing is I can not tell if it uses https. i.e. if it is secure).

I think all that they would need to do is provide a option to re-enable the WebDAV server, support use of DDNS service (in my case I can just use my routers DDNS support), and provide a way to generate a self signed certificate that matches the domain name used to reach or My Cloud device.

Is there anything we can do to encourage Western Digital to put back this capability?

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So I guess the month+ downtime was intended to ween us off a basic feature like remotely mapped drives?  There goes all my scheduled tasks I guess…  Not to mention that in the web interface it takes 10 minutes of scrolling down to load the full list of 3k+ folders on my drive.  

FTP/SSH are not alternatives, we really need webdav in some form.  Sync doesn’t even offer the same functionality, that’s certainly not a replacement. If not possible, I’d much prefer reverting back to the java nightmare that was the old wd2go.

What on earth has happened to this system? Now I find that the WD2Go winmobile app is effectively discontinued, to then find that the mycloud.com route, though it does provide “access” the contents of my “cloud” drive, it doesn’t seem to have the functionality of the somewhat limited app it replaces!

Not only did I want a mobile cloud device so I can access/read/write/sync ANY file type from my mobile while, ahem, mobile… which this thing has never been capable of due to its design, I at least wanted the ability to stream my music to wherever I happen to be. This mycloud.com access route is firstly **bleep** awful on the mobile, but it doesn’t seem to allow even the basic “play the whole album of tracks” capability that the defunct WD2Go app had.

Would I recommend WD MyCloud as a “cloud” drive? Unless this debacle is fixed, no. Quite the opposite. I am beyond disappointed with the whole thing.


The whole reason I bought this product is so I could map my folders in expoler at different locations. I need to be able to open files in programs and save to those folders in porgrams on other comptuers.

Not having this feature is a HUGE dissapoinment.  

I really need a way to open the files in explorer on computers when I am not at home with my network.


Hi everyone - I noticed that I cannot open and view JPG files on the new mycloud.com site. I only get a black screen with a “broken image” icon. Is this a bug or does the mycloud.com site seriously not support JPGs? (I can open and view PNGs.)


Has anyone found a workaround yet? This is ridiculous. Seems like a bait and switch. Here’s this great product that will let you mount your My Cloud remotely and treat it like a drive in File Explorer. Thanks for your money. Now We’re just gonna get rid of that feature.

Ever find a workaround?

I bought a new My Cloud drive once my My Book Live went broke. I always thought, since the My Book Live supported WebDAV, My Cloud would too. and now I know it doesnt. Wow. I wouldnt have bought the drive if I knew, seriously. So disappointed.

Return the new My Cloud. I believe the EX2 and above support WebDAV.

Can’t. 14 days over. Also, EX2 is out of my budget. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion.

While returning the single bay My Cloud is an option for some, provided they are within the return window. That really isn’t a good solution since one is spending more money to regain a feature WD removed from the My Cloud when they release OS 3 late last year.

It is possible (apparently) to install alternate firmware to the My Cloud that will allow for WebDAV access. Or one can use FTP/SFTP to access their My Cloud remotely. But in the end those are all workarounds to regain something WD took away.

You got a good point. I wasn’t trying to offer the best solution. as I wouldn’t buy an EX2 either, but I thought when troublechild said “New” … I assumed it was just purchased.

I’m a bit late to the party here but I have to say I agree this change has reduced my WD2Go device’s functionality. It is not at all the same thing to sync folders between devices - I have enough of this via Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive just to name the more obvious ones. What I liked was being able to map a drive when remote and it sat there, functioning, until I told it to close. Why would I want two, three, ten, fifty copies of my stuff? Why would I sprinkle it all over town when I work with clients’ computers? Not only that, with the web interface, not only can I not upload to certain areas that I could before (I have not changed the rights) but although I’m working away in other windows, when I go back to the web page I have to log in all over again and find my files, all over again. A drag. V disappointed.

[quote=“Catherine_Maryon, post:38, topic:96713, full:true”]
What I liked was being able to map a drive when remote and it sat there, functioning, until I told it to close. [/quote]
First feel free to voice your opinion about WD removing this feature in the following Cloud Ideas thread.


Second, if you have the older v4.x single bay My Cloud, you can unofficially regain remote mapping by using the CloudDAVMod: