Update: WD My Cloud for Apple iOS Version 4.4.0

Just a note. WD has updated the Wd My Cloud app for Apple iOS. If you have any problems with this Apple iOS app or want to comment on it, please post them below rather than starting a new thread.

WD My Cloud for Apple iOS

Updated: Sep 28, 2015

Version: 4.4.0

Size: 39.1 MB

What’s New in Version 4.4.0

  • Private Sharing
  • Auto Backup
  • Support for MyCloud and My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 devices

Hello, the new iOS app mentions that it has an Auto Backup option for Photos, but there does not appear to be any information on how this works, what devices it is compatible with and where the photos go.

I have a MyBookLive (Firmware 02.43.10-048) which I happily connect to using the iOS app, is this device compatible with this Auto Backup feature? If so, how do I configure it to store my backed up photos in a specified folder? Or do they just go to some default folder somewhere?

Any assistance would be gratefully received, thanks.

Has anyone updated the the latest iPhone app and not been able to have remote access if they were running a much older firmware like the one in my signature?

hi, in my opinion the application does not work correctly. iOS version 9.0.1 and WD MBL 02.43.09-038 … auto-update does not work properly. .przełączenie for other applications is prompted error - not found the destination for an auto upload. In the settings when switching application in the background, upload option is disabled “Photos & videos” - off … app does not work properly … as for me does not work - auto upload is for me the most important option … Viewing pictures is difficult lack of thumbnails and sorting capabilities … I am waiting for better versions of the application