Update twonkyserver

I updated to 6.0.39 about 30 min ago & everything is working; probably will be buying a license tomorrow as it is “only” $19.95, less than the cost of a linux book.  Too bad WDC didn’t won’t release the key for the MBL especially since I read here that there are no plans to update Twonky now or in the future.

I see that the cataloge display on my AV receiver has been changed since 5.x; also I see the ability to include radio(!) & Shoutcast; don’t know if this is with a media player; haven’t check it out yet as the receiver already has the ability.

One thing I do see that may be nice is a Twonky browser when in MBL:9000; will be checking it out to see if I can change meta-tags for albums, tho very unlikely.

Does the previous 6.0.x ver also have the “Twonky browser”?  and getting at HD radio & internet streaming?

I don’t think 6.x will solve my problem of being able to access from the AV receiver for more than 2 hrs after boot-up in the morning (I do a shutdown at night)  as I’ve mention in another thread.  However, found that if I just disconnect the cable & let the MBL led go to “red” (disconnect from network), then reconnect the cable, the AV receiver is able to access, play music, for hours.  Very strange indeed.  Will try to see if I’m the only one with this condition.

Hi Paul,

where you download the version 6.0.39. could you please share the link.

are you tried to stream internet from this twonky server?


Hi all!

I have installed the 6.0.39 (thanks for instructions) and it finally shows mkv on my Sony Bravia 

BUT it does not want to play any file. Nothing happens. Do you know what an issue is here? thanks!


Thanks a lot, jumper1! Following your instructions i was able to fix this issue and now i can stream mkv files to my samsung tv! yaay

jumper1 +1

wd -1

Welcome paravara :slight_smile:

Instructions updated for 6.0.39. Make sure your device has access to the Internet else the wget command and firmware update will not work.

  1. In your web browser go to your WD My Book Live Local Network Interface at: YOUR MYBOOK LIVE IP ADDRESS/UI (ie: http://192.168.0.xxx/UI)..) Replace the xxx with the IP of your device.
    Go to Settings->System->Updates and update your firmware to the latest version if your device is connected to Internet

  2. Go to: YOUR MYBOOK LIVE IP ADDRESS/UI/ssh (ie: http://192.168.0.xxx/UI/ssh)..) Enable SSH access and restart your WD device from Settings->Utilities. Go to step 3.
    Step 2 alternate: (ONLY if you cannot access http://192.168.0.xxx/UI/ssh)..)
    In your web browser go to your WD My Book Live Local Network Interface at: YOUR MYBOOK LIVE IP ADDRESS/UI (ie: http://192.168.0.xxx/UI))
    Go to “Settings”. Go to “Utilities”. Go to “Import/Export Current Configuration”, then click “Save Config File”.
    Open saved file with a text editor ie: notepad.
    In the text file look for "ssh_enable=“disabled” and change to "ssh_enable=“enabled” and save.
    Go back to the Import/Export Current Configuration and import the file you just edited. This now enables SSH on your drive for the Putty/SSH program to work.

  3. To to Setting->Media and turn off TWONKY Service (uncheck enable)

  4. Download free Putty SSH software at: Http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

  5. Enter the My Book Live IP address (ie:192.168.0.xxx) in the Host Name box in Putty.

  6. The username is: root password is: welc0me (the O in welcome is the number ZERO)

  7. Just copy and paste the following commands in the terminal (the last ‘mv’ command may produce an error depending on your firmware version. Ignore that error only.):

cd /usr/local/
mv twonkymedia-5 twonky5old
mkdir twonkymedia-5
cd twonkymedia-5
wget http://www.twonkyforum.com/downloads/6.0.39/twonkymedia-powerpc-glibc-2.2.5-6.0.39.zip
unzip twonkymedia-powerpc-glibc-2.2.5-6.0.39.zip
mv /usr/local/sbin/writeTwonkyContentDir.sh /usr/local/sbin/writeTwonkyContentDir.sh.old

  1. After reboot enable the TWONKY service from Settings->Media.

  2. Optional but recommended: Go to TWONKY config: http://192.168.1.xxx:9000/config

Select sharing from the left menu and change the content location and media settings to the following three:

/nfs/Public/Shared Videos    videos only
/nfs/Public/Shared Music    music only
/nfs/Public/Shared Pictures    pictures only

Click save changes

  1. This version of TwonkyMedia Server requires a license after the 30-day trial period ends, but at least you have that amount of time to evaluate it. If you have a license then put it there to register the 30 day trial version. I can verify that version 5 serial works. You cannot extract your previous license from the WD device, so you have to buy a new one.

  2. Depending on Samsung TV you may need to set “SAMSUNG TV” on config twonky ( http://192.168.0.xxx:9000/config)) for media receiver. The problem is that for each media receiver the access to the server can be restricted, and the Twonky can’t detect Samsung TV automatically. Choose your appropriate TV from the list.

  3. Rescan or Rebuild the TWONKY database from Settings->Media->Status. The first rescan may take few minutes to few hours depending on how many media files you have.

  4. Enjoy !

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Thanks jumper1 !

Before, with the standard Twonky server on the MBL, I could view .mkv files on my Philips BDP-5200 but could not skip chapters, pause or do any rewind or fast forward (except 2x forward). The subtitles included in the .mkv files worked, but I only tried files with just one subtitle.

I used your instructions on page 9 of this thread and manually changed the url of the 6.0.39 download.
This worked perfect for me !

Now with 6.0.39 rewinding and fast forwarding is not great. With rewinding, you can’t see the video reversing, but in de lcd on the BDP-5200 you see the timer skip back about 30 sec every 3 seconds. Same with fast forwarding faster than 2x, but chapter skipping works perfect. So, now I can view .mkv files perfectly (and be able to take a brake and pause, in the middle of a movie).

About the rewinding and forwarding. Before the update, I also tried a different DLNA server on my PC with the .mkv files stored on the MBL. In this way, I could skip chapters and pause already, but rewinding and fast forwarding also didn’t work great.
With the files on the same PC as the DLNA server, it did work fine. So I think that the MBL is also responsible for rewinding and fast forwarding issues (or maybe it’s just the LAN/WLAN traffic that’s not fast enough)

Btw. My PC and NAS are both connected by wire to a 100mbit router and the BDP-5200 connects with Wifi.

Welcome derGomez. I am glad I could help.

The feature might  limited by both your TV and your network speed. For my setup, I can’t fast forward (2X, 3X) with my Samsung LE32C650 TV as Samsung TVs don’t support that DLNA function. I can only skip 10 seconds at a time but no FF/RW functionality.

The Philips BDP-5200 I play the video’s on, is a Blue Ray Player.
My TV is a Sony KDL-40EX500. When I go to the setup page of Twonky Server and select this to Sony Bravia, I can “open” the .mkv files since the update, but viewing the video is imposible. It only shows some random still frames from the movie, and also scrambles the image.

Btw. Since the update, I can still open the MBL web page, but the “shares” part doesn’t seem to change the setting in the Twonky config page. For this I have to go to the Twonky config page and change it there.
This is not a problem at all, but I was wondering if that’s the same with you ?

They are separate shares and not the same. The MBL one is the share for the MBL (to be accessed as network share from a PC) while the TWONKY share is which folders from the MBL will TWONKY serve media from.

Same story. I tried  MKV on my KDL46NX720, It sees them but does not play…

I updated my townky a while ago to version 6.0.34 to play MKVs on my Samsung TV.

If I update the MyBookLive firmware from 01.04.06 to 2.10.09, will it affect the Twonky server?

Has anyone upgraded the firmware to confirm that MKVs will still play?

will someone from WD please tell us the latest about whether WD plans to support new versions of Twonky with a firmware update.  i know earlier in the thread, comments did not sound optimistic that this was going to happen.  is this a fair assessment?  i’d like to update twonky with the steps listed by jumper1, but i’d prefer to update Twonky with a firmware update.


rcp1981, updating firmware will change your TWONKY to 5.x again. You will have to update TWONKY again.

bcooper876, I don’t think you wil get any answer except silence from WD.

jumper1, thanks so much for posting this.  could you advise as to which putty software i should download?  i’m confused by the site.  there is putty.exe, puttytel, pscp, etc… and i’m not sure which one to get.  thanks again for your help,




Has anyone tried the new version (Twonky 7)?

Will vs 7 work with MBL? Should I follow the same steps as with the previous versions to update to 7?


I just tried the same instalalton way. Could not start the 7.0.5 up

Can someone explain to me what are the benefits to update to Twonky 6? I don’t mind buying a licence, but what are the benefits of 6 vs 5?

Hello vertical,

I think you should upgrade ONLY if you are experiencing problem. For some of us, we could not use our TVs properly when connected to the WBL. For example, I could not view MKV files, I could not pause or skip videos. These problems have been fixed after I upgraded to v6. If you are fine with your current setup, I see no reason for you to upgrade or waste money on buying a license. Hope this helps.

And I haven’t tried TWONKY 7. Not sure if my v5 license will work in that version. I will have a look when I have some time.