Update Twonky Media Server to correct music sort order in folder view

the sort order in in MyBookLive Twonky Server is a bit strange.
I connect via a DLNA Client and go to:
"MyBookLive-Twonky -> Music -> Folder -> <> -> <> ->
Then I can see for example the single tracks of an album.
The sort order here is alphanumeric by tracktitle (id3 tag).
I think it should be sortet by id3 tracknumber or at least alphanumeric by filenames like in Photo mode.

Please fix this issue via firmware upgrade


You need to explain a little better what you are looking for here.

I think the poster explained it allright. I see the same problem.

On the playlist of an album titles are sorted on ID3 tracktitle.

That is surely not the order of the tracks on the album.

To know the order of the titles in which they should appear a id3 tag called tracknumber is used.

This tracknumber is often used in the filename as prefix e.g. :

01 - Title

02 - Title

03 - Title


Twonky should present the titles sorted on id3 tracknumber OR physical filename.

I see the same problem. I would however prefer the sort to be by physical filename.

I think if you select folders then you want to see the files in them.

Same problem over here.

I have a Marantz NA7004 networkplayer.

When I do the folowing steps on my NA7004;

"MyBookLive-Twonky -> Music -> Folder -> <> -> <> ->

Same issue, the sort order here is also by tracktitle, not by tracknumber.

I want  to see the files on my NA7004 in the same order like they are in the folder on my NAS, in my case the " MY Book Live 2Tb"


I buy a Western Digital my book live 3TB and the subtitles dont work.

have you a solution?
what is the installed version of Twonky Media Server?