Update to new frimware 04.04.00-303

I just did a manual upgrade to the new firmware.  I noticed that the capacity was missing and the scan content was idle.  I also noticed that media server twonky was off.  So I turned it on and after awhile scan content said it was scanning.  Then it went to rebuilding.  It is still rebuilding and scanning something.  I only have 7 videos on the My Cloud currently.  Yet the scan content says that I have 7 videos 384 Music 72295 photos and 206903 others.  Where is it finding these files?  The capacity is now showing info.  Scan content says it is rebuilding.  I did notice that when I went to the streaming setting.  That it showed my laptop as a media server.  Maybe this is where it is getting the other files.

While I’m typing this post it has gone thru scanning/rebuilding several times.

I also noticed that the system seemed tobe slugish at times.  I checked the /ec/rc2.d folder and found that three new entries.  S03atop, S20restsdk-serverd and S96onbrdnetloccmmd.  I also noticed that the /var/log/user.log was increasing with the following entries:

2015-09-20T13:06:20.305313-04:00 di=WfOf5hjVLP notice restsdk[6572]: watch.go:109: Stat(), error: stat /tmp/dynamicconfig.ini: no such file or directory

These entries are being created by the restsdk-serverd process.  Not sure what these new scripts are used for.  Atop seems to be similiar to top.

I’ve have also noticed that is has not put the disk to sleep yet.  Probably have to wait for the scan content to go idle.



Could be that you were using the drive as a backup destination and it’s reading all the files on it.

On what OS are you using this unit?

The system has not had many file copied to the disk.  It has 7 video files.  I did notice that it wanted to scan my laptop becasue it had windows media server. 

You seemed to miss the point that the restsdk-serverd was writting to the disk frequently.

Now that I have stopped the processes.  The system is not sleeping.  But not as much as the previous firmware.


ill stay on v03.04.01-230 

On the 04-01-04-422 firmware my device went over 10 days waking up only once a day.