Update then no wireless?

After updating the firmware the live + does not seem to find my USB wireless antenna. I have a rosewill rnx-n180ube that was working fine before it has a small led that you could see was working before but now des not light up.  …I also have a netgear n-300 wna3100 but it does not seem to be powered either.  Everything works fine with a wired set up.

i have tried both ports and MANY different combinations of powering up with wireless only, wired then unpluging the wire, etc with both cards and nada…

in the online user’s manual section on wireless set up page 26 it says to:

  1. Press / to select

  2. Use the navigation buttons to select

Network setup, then press ENTER.Wireless, then press ENTER.


i can’t find this choice in the on screen menus??



Roll back your firmware