Update software and now drive is 100 % full

  1. 11-10-2011 2-07-13 PM.jpgI updated my drive and  now it states it is 100% full I have a wd external essential 500
  2. my desktop has a 400 gb drive and has 209.4 free
  3. how is it the drive is 100 full… does that mean it is no longer packing up my desktop has anyone else has this problem
  4. i am attaching a picture… as you can see there are 465 additonal files… i have no idea what that means
  5. please help

moderators have to clear the picture first.  just a thought, though, are you making more than one copy of each file within smartware?

11-10-2011 2-07-13 PM.jpgI have a my book essential external 500 gb I just updated it and when i look at  it states I have

465.1 GB Total

420.4 additonal files(no idea what this is)

6.5gb pictures

2.2gb other

2.8gb music

30.1 gb movies

4.0mb mail(not sure what mail is being backed up

3.2gb documents

0.0kb free

my desk icon states used is 100%

my desktop has a 400gb drive

with 209.4 gb free

i am using windows xp service pack 3.

any sugestions

I honestly don’t understand the second post, but additional files are files that are not managed by Smartware (Manual copies or files copied with another software) and corrupted backup files o.o